You hit the drums and they light up!

Old lighting

Stage lighting systems dating back to the 1960's has depended mainly upon large canned AC lighting systems. These AC lights are very hot and use a huge amount of power, which in most cases were controlled manually. As time passed, controls were developed where the lights could be controlled digitally by triggers set by sensors or computers, but they were still large, hot, and used excessive power.

In these early years of using AC stage lights, the excessive heat, power, and technology has kept drummers from using these types of lights inside their drums. Recently, with the development of low power LED lights, drummers can now install percussion lights inside their drums which are triggered by the sound and vibration created from the drum. This new technology allows the drums to become an instant light show.

Percussion Lights
brings the future

The future is now here with Percussion Lights. Drummers can now install Percussion Lights on their drum kits to create an instant light show. Every part of the drum kit can be used to trigger a light. Percussion Lights can be installed inside a drum, outside a drum, or on a cymbal. They even work with electronic drum kits.

These lights are not only for drummers, but can also be used on other speaker systems such as guitar amps, bass amps, DJ speaker systems, or even a home stereo.

State-of-the-art LED technology

Using only the state-of-the-art LED technology, Percussion Lights bring life to your percussion instruments. Easy-to-install Percussion Lights that are in sync with the sound produced from your percussion or drum set, and are all it takes to make a great show even better. Since the sensors use a patented analog technology, the harder the drums are hit, the brighter and stronger the lights become.